About us

I Ingmar Berga have been a professional marathon skater for 16 years now.

  • 2 x National champion marathon ice
  • 2 x National champion natural ice
  • Cup winner
  • European champion inline skating
  • National champion inline skating


Here I have always had support from Luigino Verducci. Luigino always helped me with making the best customized skate and inline shoes.

In recent years the skeeler sport has become smaller, because of this Luigino started thinking and started designing and testing bicycle shoes.

When he came up with this idea, I was immediately very enthusiastic. And I started with Bergasports selling the best cycling shoes on the market



With the help of professional cyclists Luigino designed a cycling shoe where certain points were very important;

  • The perfect fit, thanks to 25 years of experience in the roller-skating has designed luigino the most suitable mold)
  • A full carbon sole with heel support, so you do not lose any power on the pedals
  • Microfiber upper, this is stronger and more durable than leather.
  • Ventilation holes, in the sole and the microfiber upper
  • Atop closure system, very easy and fast to use
  • Thermoplastic heel, for the perfect fit Italian design