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Good news from now we will start selling scope cycling wheels.

Why Scope?

Because they have the same vision like we have with our Verducci shoes. Great Performance, leightweight and great designs.


With a background in professional cycling, more than 350 races and 200.000 kilometers, we from Scope know what matters when riding a bike. By combining innovation and passion. It’s our continuous aim to bring our customers the best possible riders experience, reflecting their needs. As from the early development stage, we listen carefully to our customers in order to fulfill their needs.


With a dedicated focus on carbon road wheels, we have been able to develop technologies making our wheels best in class.  With our unique products it’s our aim to serve our customers all over the world.


Although we ended our sportive careers some time ago, we still do have the mentality of an athlete. Winners have a plan, losers an excuse, therefore Scope Cycling: No Excuse.


All Scope products are developed in-house in our Research & Development center, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. With Brain port, the High-Tech campus, the University of Technology Eindhoven, and the Design Academy, Eindhoven has become one of the prominent high-tech regions in the world. The unique combination of innovation, know-how, and design provides the perfect environment for Scope to become, and stay best in class. As a result, in order to have access to the newest technologies and innovations, collaborations and partnerships have been, and are still.

Nieck Busser, co-founder Scope Cycling. “When speaking about Scope, we speak about quality, innovation, and passion. As from the moment we founded Scope, we are continuously looking for new ways to further improve our products, in order to become, and stay best in class. With the support from various knowledge institutes, we do have access to an immense amount of scientific knowledge. However the main advantage in technology is curiosity, and that’s what’s in our DNA.”

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