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Handmade in Italy

All our shoes are handmade in Italy

Full Carbon Sole

We use a full carbon sole to reach maximum power on the pedals

Atop Closing System

Quality lacing system, easy to use

Handmade Cycling shoes from Italy

Heat Moldable

The carbon heal is heat mouldable to get the perfect fit

Microfiber Upper

We use a microfiber upper because it is really strong and last longer than leather


All our shoes are ultra light


Scope cycling wheels

Good news from now we will start selling scope cycling wheels. Why Scope? Because they have the same vision like we have with our Verducci shoes. Great Performance, leightweight and

Coen Vermeltvoort wint weer !! (foto: Orange pictures/Raymond smit

Coen Vermeltfoort is het wielerseizoen ijzersterk begonnen. De Ster van Zwolle en de Ronde van Groningen wist hij op onze Verducci schoenen te winnen. De ster van Zwolle wist hij

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