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In professional and college football, the duration of the game is 60 minutes. Game time is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each In school football, the duration of a quarter is 12 minutes. Hours stop often, so the total duration of the game professionals can exceed three hours. Time stops after a pass not caught and any draw, which ended outside the field. Each team has three timeouts in each half of the game, which it uses at its discretion.Hours also stop during a meeting of judges. For example, to determine whether a team has earned the right to try again, the judges perform the measurement using a chain. After completing the measurements, the judge gives a signal to start the clock. A judge may stop the clock to announce a violation and remove the injured player from the field.

Additionally, a second game clock is used, which counts the time remaining for the attacking team before the start of the bout. If the team does not have time to enter the ball into the game, it receives a penalty for the delay of the game.