Inline skates

As a multiple National and European (inline) skating champion, I know that equipment is very important. The shoes are especially important. I opted for a narrow range because there just aren’t very many good standard inline skating shoes on the market. Double FF has designed a shoe with the perfect fit from size 33!! We have Double FF and Powerslide in our assortment.

  • LaFuga blade covers by Nalza black


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Inline skates at Bergasports

In addition to everything for cycling, Bergasports also has a range of inline skates. We have two top brands here. The Double FF and the Powerslide. These are two brands with high quality and a perfect fit for everyone. With us you can choose ready-made Double FF G1 inline skates in the sizes ’30-33′, ’34-36′. ’37-39′ and ’40-42′. So there is always a size that fits you. In addition, you can of course also order parts separately.


Are you looking for accessories for your inline skates? Then we have the perfect products for you! From loose wheels and frames to shoes. You can even find accessories for skating with us. In our selection of accessories you will mainly see products from Double FF. These have high quality and ensure that you enjoy them for a long time. Our skating accessories are from the Nalza brand. You can choose skate gloves and skate covers in the colors white and black.

You can buy inline skates and accessories

At Bergasports You will find the most beautiful and best quality inline skates and accessories at Bergasports. Take a look at our online range or visit our store. We are happy to help you find the right products!