Antoinette de Jong is a very talented sportswoman who shines on both the skating and cycling podiums. With her impressive career, she has proven to be a true world champion in speed skating. From 2004 to 2022, she showcased her professional skating talents, which she looks back on with pride. But Antoinette is not only into skating; she also has a passion for cycling. For many years she has ventured out on the bike and her achievements in this field are equally admirable. As a passionate sportswoman, Antoinette understands better than anyone the importance of working with high-quality equipment, regardless of the sport. Whether it’s a complete road bike, cycling wheels, shoes or a good pair of glasses, you’ve come to the right place at Bergasports. Antoinette de Jong is an inspiring athlete who has made her mark in both skating and cycling.

Antoinette’s favorite cycling shoes: From Verducci to Nimbl Ultimate

Antoinette de Jong, world speed skating champion and passionate cyclist, has developed her preferences over the years when it comes to cycling shoes. She began her cycling career on Verducci shoes, but has since switched to Nimbl Ultimate shoes. This choice was made because Jumbo Visma is sponsored by Nimbl. Antoinette values the performance and comfort a shoe can provide while cycling. The Verducci shoes have served her well for years, but the Nimbl Ultimate shoes have exceeded her desires. These shoes offer the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility, allowing Antoinette to deliver optimal power during her rides. In addition, the shoes provide a comfortable fit and good ventilation, preventing pinching or overheated feet even during long bike rides. For Antoinette, the Nimbl Ultimate shoes proved to be the ideal choice and she can’t wait to take her performance to the next level with these top quality shoes.

The benefits of the Nimbl Ultimate shoes for top athletes such as Antoinette de Jong

The Nimbl Ultimate shoes offer several advantages for cyclists such as Antoinette de Jong. First of all, these shoes provide optimal power transfer while pedaling, thanks to the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility. This allows cyclists to cycle more efficiently and deliver more power. In addition, the shoes guarantee a comfortable fit, providing good support for the feet and eliminating pressure points. This helps prevent discomfort or pain during long rides. In addition, the Nimbl Ultimate shoes feature excellent ventilation, preventing overheating of the feet. This is especially important during intense exercise. Antoinette de Jong, as a passionate cyclist, can confidently rely on these shoes during her training and races. The combination of performance, comfort and ventilation makes the Nimbl Ultimate shoes the ideal choice for cyclists who want to get the best out of themselves.